Jon’s passion for dogs started as a young child. That passion then evolved into training and dog behavior when the Sarabia family purchased their first family dog, a Rottweiler, twenty-two years ago.  In 2001, Jon was able to advance his passion for the profession when he began handling dogs for the United States Air Force Military Working Dog program at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. During his tenure as a handler, trainer, and kennel master, Jon trained hundreds of dogs and handlers; for the military and for civilian departments. In addition to his operational duties, Jon worked side-by-side with the United States Secret Service, providing presidential, vice presidential and foreign dignitary K-9 security detail.  Today, his training techniques, knowledge, and expertise in behavior and training is recognized and sought out from handlers, trainers, and owners from across the country and around the world. Jon possesses a raw natural talent; training dogs and helping people develop and build a canine/human relationship. This desire for training has brought him to his ultimate goal – Amor K-9 Training, LLC, where he can teach owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs – garnering long term results, while creating confident, well mannered, happy dogs, while providing the most professional services available to his clients. 

 Jon regularly engages in continuous education - learning new techniques of training by staying current and actively training and participating in AKC Obedience, AKC Rally, K9 Nose Work®, Schutzhund/IPO, French Ring Sport, PSA, and Mondioring. He activily participates in webinars and attends seminars presented by top obedience, dog behaviorists, and sport dog trainers in the world. Dog training is not a constant – new methods and theories are regularly evolving. To date, Jon is an approved American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator #85966, is a certified K9 Nose Work® Judge, member of the National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC #M004336, a fully approved AKC Scent Work Judge #102715, for Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Master, and Detective Class, a member of the American Rottweiler Club, the KC Working Dogs Club and The American Working Malinois Association (AWMA). 

Jon Sarabia, Owner/Head Trainer